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My Instagram Account was Hacked

October 16, 2018



Hi loves,


I don't know how many of you will have access to this blog post, but my main account @blackdenimchic has been hacked. 


Early yesterday morning (roughly 6:00 am my time), I received two emails from Instagram saying this:






Someone had hacked into my account, changed my username to @blackdenimchic1809, and changed the email address associated with the account, so that I would not receive any further updates. I saw the second email too late, and could not 'revert this change.


Within 10 minutes later, I had an email from the actual hacker, and throughout the day, they sent me two more:







After freaking out a lot, and then doing a bit of online research, and reading a few other bloggers who shared their stories of being hacked, I realized that the emails were nearly identical, and it was likely the same network of people mass-hacking people. Despite the threats that the hacker will delete / sell the account, it appears that every other blogger has gotten their account back relatively unscathed, so I am feeling optimistic. I was quite scared first, but have since realized that their emails seem like empty threats. The emails are repetitive, poorly written, and feel very copy + pasted. I have decided not to respond to any of their emails, and ignore them instead. 


I am currently going through the Instagram help form, and going back and forth with an automated bot, in hopes that I can regain access to my account in the next few days. 


This is such a stressful and frustrating experience, but I know it's been happening to a lot of people. I will re-update this blog post if / and when I regain access to my account. 


Thanks for the support, and if you want to reach out, you can reach out to the current @blackdenimchic account, which is mine. After they changed my username, I made a new @blackdenimchic account so that I could keep curious people updated, and make sure no one takes my username. I hope to delete that account once the rightful @blackdenimchic account is returned to me. 


Thanks for the support, 

I'll keep this post updated. 

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