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Happy One Year Anniversary to  ‘Let’s Get Coffee'!

October 9, 2018


Hi loves!


I wanted to wish a happy one year anniversary to the 'Let's Get Coffee' series, as well as this website. I published my first blog post on here last October, and 'Let's Get Coffee' was born on October 9th, 2017. I'm really proud of this series, and what it has accomplished. I'm incredibly proud of myself as well, for creating a concept, and actually sticking to it. When I first created LGC, I had no idea that it would become my most beloved series, and that people would react as warmly as they have. 


I'm so grateful for this series, as it has given me an open space to create dialogue, and talk about many of the things that weigh heavily on my life. One year ago, I was in a much darker place. I was seeing multiple therapists a week for my eating disorder, and I had just left an abusive relationship— in many ways, I was a wreck. LGC was a series that I created to help others, but I had no idea how badly I needed it for myself. I needed a place to vent, and talk about my inner turmoil. I needed to feel like I wasn't in this world alone. I needed to know that there were others who felt the way I did, and LGC gave me that. LGC helped me heal.





More importantly, all of you have helped me heal. The amount of love and support that I have received from readers has been unbelievable. I truly had no idea what sort of response this series would invoke in people, but I never expected this. 


So thank you. If at any point, you took the time to reach out and talk to me, you helped. If you read any of my blog posts, you helped. If you shared your stories with me, you helped. In doing all of this, you helped remind me that I am not alone. 





I cannot wait to have more of these conversations. I never want to stop talking about the difficult things, because they are the things that make us human. The emotions that make us feel lonely and isolated are often the most powerful ones, and the ones most universal. I hope that I never forget that.





Thank you for being a part of Let's Get Coffee, and thank you for encouraging a platform where I can be myself. And thank you always for reading. x




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