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My Fashion Wish List: October 19'

October 7, 2018




Hi loves!


This blog post is a different concept for me, but I wanted to try something new. For those of you who really like my style, I wanted to create a wish list of fashion pieces that I personally love (but don't own.) These are the pieces that I'd be styling if I had the coin for them- for those of you who like my style (and can afford more than my little college self), this might introduce you to some new brands and pieces! And for the rest of my broke gals, it's always fun to take fashion inspiration from posts like this. 



1. The Small Tess Bag by Chloe 


This bag started showing up everywhere in the last few weeks, and I've completely fallen for it. In my opinion, Chloe does some of the most beautiful bags, that are both unique and versatile. They are so distinct, and yet they go with everything. They are a masterpiece, in my heart. I love that the Tess bag is almost all smooth leather (rather than suede) because I'm always terrified of how suede will wear over time. Smooth leather has much better longevity. 


If I had the money to buy one, it would either be the beautiful, bold blue color, or the neutral brick red color. But who am I kidding? If one fell out of the sky, I wouldn't be picky. 
















2. Musier Paris: The Entire Line


I fell in love with beautiful French blogger AnneLaure Maise Moreau (@adenorah) over a year ago, and when she launched her fashion line Musier Paris, my soul cried. 


There are so many stunning, French-style pieces in her line that I would die to own. If you are only splurging on an item or two, Musier Paris isn't the most expensive company, but it's still well beyond my price point, so for now, I admire from afar. 


Highlights include this caramel colored velvet bag that makes me want to die, it's so pretty. It's called the DJERRA, and you can shop it here.





Another current favorite would be the Carrie cardigan in navy, the Liliane sling back heels, and the white crochet Amelie top







3. The Gucci Leather Mid-Heel Ankle Boots



My dream boots for the last two years have been these classic, yet statement boots from Gucci. The general shape and design is so classic, yet the pearl detailing and gold accents make them incredibly unique, and unlike any shoes I've ever seen. I would cry to be in the presence of these boots (slight over-exageration, but you get it.) 








4. Acne Studios: Outerwear



I would die for the opportunity to raid the outerwear section of an Acne Studios- they design some of my favorite coats in the world. When it comes to luxury, oversized outerwear, no one designs jackets like Acne. They are known for their signature leather jackets, but I would be taking a lot more than that. 


I'll include a few of my most "drool-worthy' favorites below. 




The boxy biker jacket with shearling collar:





The Midsize Shearling Jacket in Dark Brown / Beige:




The Short Cocoon Coat in Brown / Red 





Checked Suit Jacket in Brown / Beige






5. JACQUEMUS: All of the Shoes



Jacquemus does some of the most interesting shoes I've ever seen, and I wish I could own every pair of them. Jacquemus is known for doing really out-of-the-box things with the heels, and mismatching the left and right shoes. The result is avant-garde, and really unique. 


My dream heels are these beautiful, caramel suede heels. The heel height is perfect, the color is perfect, the geometric shapes are perfect. I could cry. 



The Les Rond Carré in Caramel Suede




Other dream shoes include...



Les Sandales Bahia in Beige




Les Mules Sao in Black





6. Loewe Small Barcelona Bag- Mink Color



I'm going to finish things off with an old, beloved favorite- the Loewe Barcelona Bag. This has been one of my dream bags since I first saw it styled by Débora Rosa (@deborarosa) on Instagram. Although, to be fully honest, I fall in love with everything I see styled by Débora. She is one of my all time favorite bloggers / Instagrammers, and her aesthetic is to-die-for. 


I've also seen Loewe styled a lot by Lizzy Hadfield (@shotfromthestreet), and she too makes it look effortless. 



 (If anyone knows the bloggers in the last two featured photos, please let me know! I found these photos on Pinterest, would love to credit. xx)




I think I am going to conclude my wish-list here. I could go on and on and on... about the expensive things I love and can't afford, but I think this is a relatively full and concise list of the things I'd be wearing if I had the coin for it. 


I never want to come off ungrateful about the things I have- I live an incredibly privileged life, and as a young, 21 year old college student, I don't expect to own these things at my current age and social status. This list is entirely for fun- I just think it can be fun to daydream sometimes! Please don't take this any other way. 


So what are your dream items? If you could raid the shops on 5th Avenue, where would you go? What would you grab? Do you have any dream pieces that make you feel like crying into your coffee? Let me know! 


Thank you always for reading, I appreciate the endless support. Have a good week! 



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