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Diary of a Twenty-Something: 10.04.18.

October 4, 2018





For the Women Who Found Light 



On this day one year ago,

I crawled out of my hole.

It was pitch black, grimy, full of dirt,

I was covered in coal.


On my knees, I found light,

it blinded me. 

I wanted to crawl back in.


But the light had scared me before.

I had crawled back in before.

The view never changed.


I have been washing for a year,

and I am still covered in coal.

But my eyes have adjusted,

I am standing,

  I will never crawl back down that hole.









It has always been my crutch.

The warmth that replenished

Your unwarranted touch.



Those at least, I could control.

A weak, broken body

To match my soul.


You drank what you drank,

I drank what I drank.

What you did killed me,

What I did killed me.


A smile for you,

A rotting corpse in the basement.

Coffee is not

A meal replacement. 



When you punished me,

Did I punish me too? 


Did you want me to hate me,

The way you hated you? 





Does Everyone Hate Gemini's? 



I don't know anything about Zodiac signs,

But I'll sit and watch the stars with you.

I hear that the Taurus is loyal, and loving to one,

But I am a Gemini: could you love two?









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