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FW19 'Ugly' Fashion Trends: My Opinions

September 14, 2018


Hi loves,


I wanted to chat about some of the major fashion trends right now- some trends are predictable, as they develop over time, and others seemingly appear overnight. Between the immediacy of Instagram, and the nearly instantaneousness of fast fashion, trends can appear out of nowhere, and suddenly be everywhere. 


Some of these have manifested as 'ugly' fashion trends, and seem to raise strong, polarized opinions among the fashion community. Controversial debates between 'it's so ugly, that it's cute' and 'it's just plain ugly' are everywhere, and everyone seems to have an opinion. 


I'm calling this blog post, "'ugly' fashion trends: Yass or Pass", and I'm going to share my personal opinion on some of the controversial, 'ugly' trends that are going around the bloggersphere currently. 


*disclaimer*: fashion is an arbitrary and personal thing, and my opinions are not meant to persuade, discredit, or insult yours. I will be sharing photo examples for both trends that I like and dislike, but this is by no means a reflection of my opinion on the blogger, simply the trend. 

We do not have to like / dislike all the same things! 



Yass or Pass: Chunky, Balenciaga-esque Sneakers 




These super-chunky sneakers are actually a YASS for me. I like them! I've definitely seem them styled poorly, but with the right outfit, I think they look great. 


I think that they work well in balancing 'heavy' outfits- if you are wearing chunky sweaters and coats, the over-sized aspect of the shoes helps to balance out the frame. But I've also seen them styled well with small dresses / short skirts, and think they look badass too. 





Did I see this coming?: 


Yes, I did. Last year, embroidered Gucci sneakers exploded throughout the fashion world, and every high-street brand created their own version. Over the last few years, sneakers have been converting from athletics into athleisure, and our used-to-be gym shoes have become a fashion statement with dresses and skirts. We've swapped out our heels for sneakers, and made them into a trend. 


Sneakers have already become a fashion staple- Balenciaga just decided to make them larger than life. 





Yass or Pass: Biker Shorts 





This is a very, VERY hard pass for me. I have no idea where this trend came from, but I think it looks ridiculous. This trend appeared seemingly overnight, and now it is everywhere on social media and fashion forums. 


I think it might have been styled by a Kardashian first, but this is a perfect example of how something isn't necessarily good, just because it's worn by a celebrity. 


There are certain athletic pieces that transition well into fashion, and biker shorts simply aren't one of those pieces, in my opinion. Regardless of body type, I find biker shorts to be so unflattering, and they cut the body in such an awkward way.  I'm hoping this is a short-lived trend, and it goes away soon. I don't care if the biker shorts are made by Burberry or Dick's Sporting Goods, it just doesn't work (in my humble opinion.) 





Yass or Pass: Skinny Sunglasses 





For fashion, they get a YASS, for practicality, they get a pass. In a styled shoot, I actually think they look super cool. I love styling them on the nose bridge, with the eye peeking out behind them. They get a pass for practicality, because they do very little to actually protect the eyes from the sun, and in order to wear them practically, you can to wear them directly over the eyes, which suddenly changes them from cool to scary. 


When worn completely over the eyes, they turn into something out of the Matrix. 




I personally have a skinny pair of sunglasses like these, and I only wear them when I shoot, because I don't think they function well as actual sunglasses. 







For the sake of fashion blogging, they look great as an editorial piece, but in real-life, they fail in a practical sense. 




Yass or Pass: Belt Bags 



I'm actually on the fence about belt bags, but I think they are a 'yass' for me. It helps that we've stopped calling them 'fanny packs', but styled right, I think they look good. 


I think my mixed views come from this: I'm a college student, and I do not have the money to buy designer things, but currently, everyone from Gucci to Prada is creating a designer belt bag, and people are buying them. If I had the extra coin for designer goods, I couldn't imagine spending it on a belt bag? But that doesn't mean it looks bad, it just means I'm a broke college student without a Gucci-labeled bank account. If I had the funds for it, maybe I would be buying designer belt bags! Who knows. 


Practically, I actually love the idea of belt-bags. They are small, compact, and keep you hands-free. They are a bit more secure than a backpack, as you can keep it right on your hip (if you decide the style it the original way, at least.) 


I think that designer handbags are one of the best fashion investments- a designer bag can easily elevate a high-street outfit, and make it look more chic and expensive. I think that if I had the money for a designer belt bag, it would be a yes, but as a high-street Topshop / Zara style piece, it's a pass. Belt-bags might be one of the few things where I think you need the designer version, or none at all. But again, who knows! 





I don't typically write blog posts like this, because I never want to upset people with my opinion, especially on controversial fashion topics. I am a firm believer that fashion is arbitrary, and it's a form of self-expression, so I think that my opinion holds as much (or as little) power as anyone else's. If you like something, wear it- that's the only true fashion rule. 


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