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Transitional Looks: Summer to Fall

September 2, 2018


Hi loves, 


When I first became interested in fashion blogging, I had this idea in my head that I constantly needed to shop, and upgrade my wardrobe. Besides the basics (denim, t-shirts, simple shoes), I had an illogical mentality that once something had been worn and photographed once, it couldn't be shot again. Instagram has always been a form of fashion inspiration for me, and I would admire fashion bloggers with massive followings, who were always styling brand new, this season designer pieces. Terrified of being branded another "Lizzy McGuire, Outfit Repeater", I shopped constantly, and wasted a lot of money on trendy pieces that went out of style quickly. 


While I still like to shop trends, I've become a lot smarter and more aware of my consumption, and I no longer buy things for the sake of only shooting them. When I buy something, I want that piece to be versatile, so that I can style it time after time, and transition it into different seasons. 


As the weather cools down and September starts, I wanted to look at a few versatile pieces that transition well from summer to fall, hopefully to give you some styling ideas, but also to encourage my readers to take a look at their own closets and assess their summer pieces for fall, rather than buying a whole new wardrobe for the season. 



1. The White Summer Dress 


I bought this beautiful, white Zara dress in May, while I was in New York City. In my opinion, the best transitional pieces are both unique, and minimal enough to be worn multiple ways. The puffy sleeves and tortoise shell buttons make this a stand-out dress, while the simple cream-color still keeps it a versatile piece. 


When I first purchased this dress, I styled it really simply, with a pair of Vince leather slides, and a brown bag from Zara. 





As the weather has gradually cooled, I've been swapping out my slides for closed-toed shoes, and adding layers. Here, I'm styling the same dress and bag, but I'm styling a pair of 'Scotty Slides' from the Coach Outlet, and wearing an over-sized blazer from Target. 





2. The Polka Dot Skirt 



This polka-dot H&M skirt is another piece I purchased back in May, and has been all over my Instagram and blog since. You can find it here. H&M also has another similar piece, which I will also link here


When I first styled this skirt, I kept things very simple, with a slip tank-top (also from H&M), and a fun pair of shoes (Zara). 





In my most recent styling, I've swapped the strappy tank-top with a silky, long-sleeve ruffle top. It's such a small difference, but the monochromatic aspect makes for such a noticeable change. As we approach cooler weather, I want to style this skirt with more blazers and long duster coats. This skirt definitely isn't going anywhere before winter. 





3. The Wide-Leg Rust Trousers



I get so many questions about where I bought these pants, but they are actually from a small, hole-in-the-wall boutique in Tokyo. I love Japanese wide-leg trousers- I'm barely 5'4" (with very short legs), so most trousers tend to drag on the floor for me. Japanese trousers are perfectly catered to my height, so they fit me really well. 


Throughout the summer, I've styled these trousers with an array of sleeveless tops and sandals. 





In this first fall look, I've styled the trousers with a silky white top from Rag n Bone. I love playing with loose, shapeless silhouettes like these- I just think it looks expensive. Androgynous pieces like these make me feel really good, and I absolutely love this look, as a whole.





Last winter, I also styled these trousers in a monochromatic way, with a brown mock-neck top and a pair of chunky black boots. They are such a versatile piece, and I have found a way to bring them into any season. I also want to try styling these this fall with a long duster coat. 





4. White Pants 


This summer, for the first time in my life, I became interested in styling white jeans. I got this wide-legged pair from BDG at Urban Outfitters, and fell in love with them. 


You may have noticed a trend with my summer outfits- when the weather is warm, I tend to wear really simple bodysuits and tank tops. In this outfit, I styled these jeans with a square-cut bodysuit from Forever 21. 





For the fall, I've styled these pants in a warmer, almost monochromatic way, with a brown bag, brown top, and red-brick toned shoes. The bag is from Foley and Corinna-it's the

Dione Messenger in Cognac





These are the pieces that I wanted to highlight in this blog post, but I truly believe that most pieces can become transitional, with a little creativity. I don't like to categorize my clothes by "fall", "winter", "spring", "summer", because fashion is not one-dimensional. Most fashion pieces have some level of versatility, and I love seeing how I can transition a piece from season to season.  


Let me know if you liked this post! I remember doing a couple blog posts last year about transitional fashion, but I'd love to do one or two of these posts a season, during those transitional periods. 


As always, thank you for reading! 


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