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Leopard Print is Back (And It's Not Tacky)

August 3, 2018



Hi loves,


Today I want to talk about trends- more specifically, the leopard print trend. And I want to apologize in advance, for the number of times you are going to read the words 'leopard print.' Leopard print is a classic in fashion, and one that has evolved throughout the ages. Leopard print never dies. 


Personally, when I think about leopard print, my mind goes back to the early 2000s, and the era of Paris Hilton and Snooki. When I think about leopard print, I think tacky. Many people consider leopard print to be a neutral, which is why it can quickly become too much. 





And I hope no one comes for me here, because I have loved the show Friends for years, but I associate leopard print with characters like Janice, and Fran Drescher (not featured here), and not in a cute way. 





That being said, leopard print is making a comeback, and not in a tacky way! 


If you pay attention to fashion trends and Instagram, you may notice a general trend with prints going on- a couple years ago, plaid prints (especially in coats) started blowing up, and they were everywhere. Then, the print moved to polka dots, and they wouldn't leave the Instagram explore page (and I am equally to blame!) Now, it looks like the print is leopard. 



I have been wondering if leopard print would go back in style, ever since last year, when this Ideal of Sweden case started blowing up on Instagram, showcased by @josefinehj here. I also like to bring up Josefine in this conversation, because she is one of the few bloggers who I've seen styling a lot of leopard print a year ago. It's the trendy thing now, but she was quite a bit ahead, and if you look through her feed, you can see that.  



 Photo by @josefinehj



 Photo by @josefinehj




I have personally styled this case as well, along with lots of other bloggers (although I wouldn't necessarily take my product photos too seriously.)  I feel like it became the it phone case for a moment. 





Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself, but this time, we're mixing leopard with minimal style, and I love that. Today, leopard print is everywhere again, but it's being styled much more minimally (and dare I say, tastefully?) this time around. 


Maybe it's just me, but I feel like after Realisation Par launched this leopard print skirt, Instagram blew up (it's currently sold out, by the way.) I don't use the word 'game-changer' lightly, and I was seeing bits of leopard print here and there beforehand, but after this skirt came out, Instagram became so saturated with leopard print. Let me know if you noticed something similar too, or if this is totally in my head. 



 Photo by @mvb 



I purchased a similar skirt (and a much less expensive one) from the WhoWhatWear collection at Target recently, and I've been loving it. 





I think that mixing this print with a minimal style looks really good, and I'm genuinely so excited for leopard print this time. 


I will also share some recent inspiration from other bloggers who I think have been styling leopard print well.



 Photo by @offwhite.swan



 Photo by @sarahloufalk 



 Photo by @thefashionmedley






I'm curious to see what comes next- if history repeats itself, this definitely won't be the last era of leopard print, but I think it might be my favorite so far. This type of styling is minimal, it's tasteful, and it incorporates a print that is both loud and classic, without making the outfit overbearing. 


What do you think? Are you into leopard print this season? I don't think it's going to overtake me as drastically as polka dots did, but who knows, we'll see what my wardrobe looks like in a month. 






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