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Giving Away Free Clothes (Local- Minneapolis)

July 30, 2018



Hi loves!


The title isn't meant to be click bait- I simply have no idea what to call this blog post. 


This past weekend, I spontaneously decided to try something new. I was clearing out my closet, and getting things prepped for donations, and found myself with multiple, to-the-brim stuffed garbage bags of clothes. I wanted to give my followers an opportunity to take some of my pieces, before everything got donated. I went on my Instagram stories, and gave a shout out to all my local followers, essentially saying "hey, need / want some new clothes? DM me for my private info, and come by my apartment and take my stuff!" 


It did so much better than I expected. I had to take the post down within an hour, because I was scared that if any more girls messaged me, there'd be nothing left to give away. I had many girls come by my apartment throughout the weekend, and I still have a few more popping in, over the next couple days. 


So why am I blogging about this, after the event? Because I want to do it again.


I was inspired by one of the gals who came over last night (thanks Casey!) who decided to bring stuff in and contribute to the pile herself. Her mentality got me thinking, "maybe this could be a bigger thing? Maybe a clothing swap?"




So for all my local gals, this is my idea for the future:

We should all be clearing out our closets more often. Spring cleaning should be happening every season, not every spring. We all buy things impulsively, and then end up never wearing them. We all buy things that don't fit us because it was on clearance and why not?"


Why not do a clothing swap? 


This past weekend has shown me that I reach a wider, local audience on Instagram than I ever knew or expected. And guess what? The gals I met were fucking great. I would love to do this again (and hopefully make it bigger, so that I can keep my Insta-post online for more than 45 minutes). 


I want to do this quarterly, or semi-annually. I want to get a big group of fashionable, bad ass girls together (who have things they want to donate / discard), and do a massive clothing swap. This could be a great opportunity to try out a new trend or color (without spending any money), and to encourage ourselves to keep our closets organized, and filled only with the pieces we love, and actually wear. 


I love the idea of giving my clothes a second life, through another girl who also loves fashion. I also love the communal aspect of everyone coming together, getting rid of things they don't want / don't need / don't fit, and leaving with some new pieces. Cheers to mass contribution!



If you are local (St. Paul / Minneapolis / general Suburbs) and you like this idea, let me know, and I'd love to do something like this in the future. I've just recently purged my donations, so it'll likely be a few months, but I would absolutely be down to throw something together in the future! 


Should there be coffee? Should there be wine? Should there be pizza? I think this could be a fun thing! It's a great way to bring some cool locals together, promote some good ol' positivity and girl love, and of course, get some new clothes! 


Hit me up if you'd be down to try this out!


(Also, shout out to Casey again, because you actually inspired this entire idea.) 


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