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In a Room Full of Art

July 26, 2018



Hi loves,


I rarely love indoor shoots the way I loved this one, but Sam and I went on a museum date recently, and I absolutely loved the way this look photographed. 


I've been a pink-pant junky for quite some time, but this may be my all-time favorite pink pant outfit (because doesn't everyone have multiple outfits featuring pink pants?) I never thought I'd be someone who could rock pink pants, but the shape and fit of this pair is perfect. I'm so sad to see that this Zara pair is no longer sold online, but I'd still recommend you find your own pair of structured pink trousers. It's that perfect contrast of masculine structure and traditionally feminine color. 





I'm definitely reminded that I should go to museums more often. I love the atmosphere of museums- my boyfriend and I went to a museum for our first date. I went to so many last summer in Europe. I have quite a sentiment behind museums... 


I love art. Such a generic statement, I know. Occasionally, I spite myself for being an English major, and loving art and photography the way I do, when I could be studying engineering, or computers, or something that makes money. But when I step into a museum, I'm reminded that there are entire establishments created to honor the people who dedicated their lives and their deaths to art. 


There are sculptures in here that will outlive our great grandchildren. 


We are not the first, nor the last people to cry in front of these paintings.


Every piece of art has been someone else's favorite, before it was yours. That person may be gone now, but the art is still very much alive. 





It'd be a pretty lonely life without art. Rooms without frames, car rides without music, memories without photographs, feelings without poetry. 


We are so temporary. 


But art gives us a way to immortalize the feelings and faces that keep our hearts beating. 



I need to go to museums more often.





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