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Tara Jarmon- Summer Collection 18'

July 2, 2018


Hi loves,


Rarely do I dedicate an entire blog post to a single brand, but the quality and aesthetic of Tara Jarmon made me so excited, that I knew I needed to write about it. 


Tara Jarmon connected with me a few weeks ago about a potential collaboration, and surprised me with a beautiful package in the mail. So while these items were sent to me, a blog post was not part of the collaboration, and I am not being paid for this- I am writing about the brand purely because I want to. 


I had never heard of Tara Jarmon until they contacted me, and the reason I am so excited about the brand is because they embody everything I would want in a luxury company. This is a luxury French designer, and their aesthetic is incredibly minimal and chic, while the designs still look unique. For a luxury price tag, I believe that a design should be classic enough that it will wear season after season, while still being unique / different enough that you don't think to yourself, "why didn't I just go to Zara?" 


Tara Jarmon creates pieces that are expensive, but they also feel expensive. A luxury piece should have the power to elevate a look, and this brand does exactly that. 


One of the pieces that took me by surprise is this little silk scarf- I initially thought that the print would be too loud, but with a neutral piece, it transforms this look into a luxurious shot. This scarf is currently sold out, but I will link it here regardless, in case it returns. Tara Jarmon also makes this silk scarf in other prints. 


It's loud but tasteful / it's minimal but unique- I rarely find brands that balance these qualities so beautifully and so successfully. 





This entire look transports me back to Paris, actually. I feel incredibly chic and comfortable styling this. 


I will also link the bag, because it's a stunning piece as well, and it goes beautifully with many looks. It is currently on sale, and still in stock! 













Tara Jarmon also did a swimsuit collaboration with Albertine recently, and the company sent me one of their pieces. 


Swimsuits are tricky for me- as many of you know, I am currently recovering from an eating disorder, so body image can be a bit of a struggle. The piece they sent me is a one piece suit, and it makes me feel so beautiful. You can find the swimsuit here, (also on sale!!!)


Truly, I do not know how to describe how good this brand makes me feel. The paisley print on this suit is another example of a piece that looks both minimal and unique, both loud but tasteful. 





 I had to dedicate a blog post to some of my favorite pieces, because I was simply blown away by this beautiful company that I had never heard of, prior to working together.


While they are a luxury company, a lot of their pieces are over 50% off right now, so I would definitely take a look. I linked their website at the beginning, but I will link it once more here. I am so excited that this collaboration introduced me to a new brand, and if you love my style, I know that you will love their designs too. 





I know this was a little different than my usual blog posts, but I hope you enjoyed it regardless.



As always, much love, and thanks for reading. xx 


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