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My Favorite Instagram Shots of All Time

June 23, 2018


Hi loves!


As a fashion blogger and Instagrammer, I shoot a lot of photos, and inevitably, some come out better than others. There are often stories behind photos that make them much more powerful / personal than they seem, so I wanted to share some of my favorite of all time, and the anecdotes behind them.


1. The Parisian Walking Shot


This is the only good shot I have in front of the Eiffel Tower, and I absolutely love it. 


I had just purchased this blue, polka dotted dress from Mango the same day, and I changed into it in a bathroom at the tip-top of the Eiffel Tower, before coming down and taking this photo. 


I also remember how hard it was to snap this shot- it was Paris in the summer, so naturally there were tourists everywhere, and it took a long time to capture a walking shot where no one got in the way of the camera. This goes down as one of my favorites. 




2. Laughing about Something


This was a genuine laugh, which is why I love this photo. My photographer said or did something that made me laugh, and I always loved that it got captured on camera. 


I don't have very many blog photos where I'm smiling or laughing, so this one is special. 




3. The New Years Eve Bathtub Shoot 


This was the New Years shoot that Sam and I shot at the end of 2017. I love this shot, because the story behind it is absolutely ridiculous. 


I thought that it would be fun to do a NYE shoot revolving around champagne and glitter- we took a page out of Kesha's Tik Tok music video, and decided to shoot in a bathtub. 


We didn't have any champagne, so I filled a champagne flute with beer, and tried my best to edit the color, so it didn't look too dark yellow. We were also far too sober to be doing this shoot. Besides that, I thought my hair and makeup looked cool, and I loved the way the flash brought out my obnoxious Topshop shoes. 




4. Coffee in Tokyo with Dad 


I love everything about this photo. I love that the coffees are half empty, I love the way the chocolate tartlette is split in half with a fork, I love that my dad was about to pick up his coffee cup. Most of my coffee shots are taken when everything is new and clean and beautiful, which is why this shot is special. It's candid, it's deconstructed, and it's real. 


This was taken at a coffee shop, when I got to spend a whole day in Tokyo with my dad. My dad works a lot (he's a busy guy) so when I visit my parents, I spend most of my time with my mom, which is what made this special. My dad set aside a whole day to hang out with me, and treat me to lunch and coffee, so this photo represents a really wonderful day. 



5. The Whirlpool Shoot 


Completely opposite to the previous candid shot, this photo is one of my favorites because it's just so extra. 


For those of you who don't know, I work at the front desk of a hotel. My new apartment finally has air conditioning, but a couple weeks ago, when Minneapolis had a week long heatwave, the apartment didn't have AC , so my manager offered to give my boyfriend and I a whirlpool suite for a couple days, which was really nice of him. 


So naturally I took advantage, and did a completely unnecessary bubble bath shoot, and did some product placement. 


My boyfriend shot these photos, laughing at me the entire time because I was wrapping a towel around my head, even though my hair was dry, I was wearing sunglasses while in a bathtub, he was instructing me to move the magazine so that none of my stomach lines showed... 


This whole shoot was ridiculously orchistrated, but I love the photos that came out of it. 




6. Rainy Day in Kawagoe 


I love this shot, because my mama took it. It was on this trip to Japan that I had to teach my mom how to use a DSLR, and I remember looking through the photos she took and going, "yes, YES MOM, YAAAAS MOM!!!" I was so excited, she did really well. 


For this outfit, I had dragged my mom out into the rain with me, as she fumbled to work the camera with one hand, while holding an umbrella with the other. 


I love the story behind this photo, but I love the photo itself too. I love the all monochromatic look, the semi-sassy look on my face, the wet sheen coming off the darkened pavement. This whole look feels so cool to me, and I love that my mama, of all people, captured this shot. 




7. The One Woman Camera Show 


This photo is one of my favorites, because I took it myself without a tripod. My best friend wasn't home to help me shoot, and I didn't own a tripod, so I snapped this picture by myself with my left hand, and then cropped that arm out of the photo. 


I'm really proud of this photo, because it was a product placement shot, and I managed to focus on the 'CONTEXT' logo perfectly, and I captured both my real  image applying lipstick, and my reflection perfectly. This goes down as one of my best, one woman shots. 



8. Beach Day Shoot


It is no secret on this account that I am recovering from an eating disorder, and this was my first time wearing a swimsuit in public since the previous summer, so the shoot was nerve wracking.


Sam took photos of me...they got deleted while failing to import... we had to shoot the photos a second time... the whole shoot was a lot for my anxiety. I felt self-conscious about my thighs, and my arms, and my waistline... I've gained weight since I started recovery, and my brain is constantly struggling with the disordered concept that as I get "healthier", I get "fatter." I realize objectively that I am not fat, but this is how my brain thinks, and I am trying to get things rewired.


I love this photo because I am proud of this photo. I feel good that we shot these, and I think I look good in them.


Before college, I used to live in a small town called Winona, and I went to the beach a lot. After moving to a big city, I stopped going to the beach, so this was sort of a nostalgic trip for me- I felt like I was back at Latch Island in Winona.




These are some of my favorite photos, because of the stories behind them. Please let me know if you like these sorts of posts- I figured, if a picture is worth 1000 words, I would share some of mine!


I hope you are having a good weekend- as always, thank you for reading.


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