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How My Style Changed After Becoming a Fashion Blogger

June 11, 2018


Hi loves!


Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about my style, and how my fashion and shopping habits have changed since starting a blog. In some ways, my style has transformed completely, and in others, it hasn't changed at all. 


My perspective on shopping changed a lot, after I started photographing my outfits. I started to become more aware of what looked "good" and "flattering" on my body. I started paying more attention to trends, and styles, and what colors and silhouettes would stand out on my feed, or get a lot of attention on social media. 


Today, everything I buy, I buy with Instagram in mind. It's always, "I like this... (and I can shoot it)", or "this would be useful... (and I can shoot it)" or "I will totally wear this a lot... (plus I can shoot it)" or occasionally, "I don't know if I'll ever wear this, but it's dramatic and I could shoot it." 


As a result, I've purchased a lot of things that I likely wouldn't have considered before I started street photography. 


 This patch-colored faux fur bag is a great example of something that I bought, literally just for the 'gram. It's a really unique piece, and it did really well in photos, but I have never worn it outside of shooting. 




These fun little Topshop shoes are another example- these were sent to me as part of a New Years collaboration with Topshop, but besides this shoot, I have never worn them.





On a different note, I also own things that I bought because of Instagram, and have ended up wearing loads as a result. In other words, the blog forced me out of my comfort zone, and pushed me to style new things.


If you go back to the beginning of my blog, you might notice that I never used to wear color, and specifically, I never wore brown. This is such a drastic change to what I like today, as I actually prefer brown to black now. 




Today, I wear more color than I ever thought I could. And I know it may not seem like it, especially because I edit my feed to look neutral, but I wear quite a bit of color now. 




So while my style has changed a lot, the name 'blackdenimchic' came from two things: my love for denim, and my love for the color black, and this is something that has stayed true to my photography, even today.


I wanted to share a few photos from the beginning of Blackdenimchic, so that we can see how much has changed, but also how much hasn't. 




The first curated feed I ever had, featured a monochromatic, black and white feed with very little color. I thought this looked really clean, and neutral, and I actually got a lot of compliments on it. I moved away from this aesthetic when I realized that it become impossible to maintain, and forced my fashion into a box, as far as color palette goes. 




My feed has certainly become more color inclusive, both with the fashion and the editing, but the core of 'blackdenimchic' still features lots of denim and lots of black, and I have never given that up. 




Today, I feel really free and inspired to explore a whole realm of styles, and neither my feed nor my editing holds me back. Because I use relatively neutral locations to shoot, this has given me the freedom to style what I like, but still maintain the aesthetic that I strive for.


This post has actually inspired me to share my favorite Instagram looks of all time, so I may do that for one of my next blog posts!


As always, thanks for reading. And a special thank you to those who have been following me for a long time now, and can still remember when I had a fully monochromatic feed- we've come a long way. Much love, to everyone. xx


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