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May Favorites 18'

June 8, 2018


Hi loves!


I'm a little late with my May favorites, but because I didn't do a blog post on my April favorites, this post is going to be an accumulation of a couple months!


As you may know from my previous Monthly Favorites posts, I do think that 'favorite' is a strong word, so I don't like to use it for every single item, or product, or article of clothing that I happen to enjoy. My monthly favorites tend to be a bit shorter, but they are truly things that I haven't been able to put down. 



1. My New Apartment


I moved into a brown-brick studio with hardwood floors this month, and I've had the best time adjusting to the new space, and making it feel like home.


It's small, but it has a lot of windows, and therefore a lot of natural light, and I feel incredibly happy in this space. 


It's not done yet, but it already feels like home, and I've been throughly enjoying those lazy mornings when I can enjoy two cups of coffee and sit at the counter and write, just like I'm doing right now. 



2. Slogan T-Shirts


Slogan tee's have been really trendy for the last year, but I've been wearing a couple in particular, since the weather warmed up.


This first tee is from KILSHEE co, which specializes in white statement t-shirts, with cool sayings. As you can probably guess by the name Black Denim Chic (or just looking at my feed), denim is my favorite basic. My favorite jeans are vintage Levis, so it's only appropriate that I tuck my "tuck me in your favorite jeans" tee into my favorite jeans. 



My other favorite t-shirt from May was my 'IF YOU ARE NOT ANGRY, YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION' tee. I know that not every blogger wants to make a political stance, but I have no problem expressing how I feel. 


Between the #BLM movement, the #METOO movement, the #NEVERAGAIN movement, and every other conversation floating through the political sphere right now, I don't think it's okay to stay mute. Whether you're "into politics" or not, gun violence is a reality, sexual assault is a reality, school shootings are too often a reality.


I didn't buy this shirt because it looks trendy, I think it sends the right message. 


I just looked up the company to find where you can purchase this tee, but it looks like the website is currently down. If and when it comes back, I will drop a link here.



3. Brown Leather Bag from Zara 


While in New York, I bought myself a really simple, square brown bag from Zara, and I haven't put it down since. 


There's not much I can say about it- it's minimal, versatile, and the stitching is beautiful. It's a shade of brown that goes with everything. You can find this bag here



4. Orange Bow Shoes from Zara


My other favorite from Zara last month is a pair of bright orange, suede shoes. 


I've gotten a lot of questions about these, so I'll link them here


I love these shoes for a couple of reasons- first, they work well as a statement shoe, but I still think they're easy to style. Especially with how well orange compliments blue, these mules pair really well with denim, which is half of my closet. I wear mostly neutrals and denim, so these go with almost everything I wear. 


They are also really comfortable- I wore these day after day while walking everywhere in New York, and I had no problem with them. 


My only negative thought with these is that when I wear them all day, the orange suede dyes the top of my foot for a little while, which can be annoying, but it's never stopped me from wearing them again. 



5. The Shower Kit from Shop Curie 


In late April, Shop Curie sent me their Shower Kit in the scent Bella Flor, and I absolutely fell in love. I've been using these products since, and the scent is my favorite.


The packaging is also gorgeous. You can find this kit here

(I also took some very extra product placement shots while staying at a hotel.) 



6. My Trip to NYC!


I made a separate blog post, reflecting on my most recent trip to New York, but I can't not mention it in my favorites as well. 


If you're a blogger, I highly recommend scouring Soho for some incredible street shots. The whole area, (especially with the cobblestone steps and colorful buildings) transported me back to Paris, and it was my favorite area to shoot. 



If you're in Soho, I also recommend making reservations at Laduree and enjoying brunch there. It was incredible, and the whole aesthetic belonged on Instagram. 



Sam and I also went to Eataly in lower Manhattan, which sold every type of parmesan a girl could ever want.


Fun fact about me: parmesan is my favorite food. Not my favorite cheese, my favorite food. I love eating raw blocks of parmesan by itself, and of course, there is nothing like Parmigiano Reggiano, the queen of all parms. 


A wheel of this stuff costs $2500, and I expect to stand on one for my wedding. You're all invited. 



May was an incredible month for me, and is usually my favorite month of the year, in general. I turned 21 in May, which was fun! June has been off to a happy start, and I'm hoping for a good month. 


Much love. 


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