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SS18': Styling Pink for Spring

March 29, 2018


When I was a little girl, my favorite color was pink. I don't think this is any surprise-- lot's of little girls love pink. The way gender roles are set up, the way advertisements are created: little girls are conditioned to love pink. So as I got older, I grew to resent the color pink, simply because girls were expected to like it.


It wasn't until college that I really began to study gender stereotyping. Colors, clothes, even alcoholic beverages-- we gender everything. Now, this is a fashion post (not a Let's Get Coffee), so I'm not going to dive into a huge argument about the stupidity of gender roles, but it's important that I share this background information, in order to explain why I never thought I would ever love the color pink again.


Pink has long been a hard "NO" for me. After my childhood phases of wearing giant pink tutu dresses, and my infamous seven year old "pink sweater and grey skirt" combo, I gave up the color pink. Since getting older, I've realized that as ridiculous as it is to gender a color, it is equally ridiculous to dislike (or simply not wear) a color out of spite.


I do not know when all of this clicked inside of my brain (or if any of it was conscious), but I do know that the amount of pink in my wardrobe has increased drastically in the last few months. My style is quite minimal, and a little bit androgynous, and I've always considered pink to be a super feminine, "girly" color (screw gender stereotypes, screw gender stereotypes, screw gender stereotypes), so I wanted to share a few ways that I've been styling pink, in order to incorporate the color into more androgynous fashion.


Pink Shoes (And Accessories)


One of my favorite ways of styling pink recently has been wearing pink shoes. For those who don't wear a lot of color, it's a really easy way to incorporate pink, while still keeping the rest of the look minimal and familiar.


These fuchsia shoes from Zara are no longer available, but I wanted to share a couple other pairs in a similar color tone: you can find them here and here.


The other two pairs are from Lola's Shoetique, and you can find the pairs I'm styling here and here (these run large).



The same concept can apply to any other pink accessory too-- for instance, I've been styling this little pink cross-body bag from Forever 21 a lot lately. My favorite go-to look is a neutral turtleneck and a pair of vintage 501s, so throwing on a pink bag, works as the perfect little statement.



Pink Trousers


I went back to Japan a couple weeks ago, where I found the greatest trousers of my entire life. I already did a blog post on them (which I will link here), so I won't go on and on, but these pants have been such a game changer for me.


Wide leg trousers tend to be quite shapeless and masculine, but the rose pink color adds such a beautiful amount of femininity: I consider them to be a perfect balance.




I've also been loving these color matching sets that I've been seeing all over Instagram, particularly the trouser + blazer combos. Here are a couple inspo shots that I particularly like.






Pink + Red Color Combination


I don't think I can talk about styling pink this season without bringing up the current trend of wearing pink and red together-- I've been seeing this everywhere.


I haven't experimented with this trend much, but I definitely will once it gets a bit warmer out. This season, I bought a red and pink striped sweater, and I've been obsessed with it.




Again, I'm going to share a couple of inspo pictures from other bloggers that I think style this look well.








That's going to be all for today's post! I am so excited for the weather to keep warming up- I'm currently being overloaded with so much spring inspiration, but it's still a bit too cold to try most of it. You can definitely expect to see a lot of pink from me in these coming months.  


This is going to be my last post for March- happy spring, and happy April!






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