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OOTD: Turtleneck + Pink Trousers

March 14, 2018


Hi loves!


I wanted to share a super comfortable OOTD today, because here in Japan, I can find something that I struggle so much to shop for in the US: wide leg trousers. 


I've never been particularly tall, and this has always sparked an issue when it comes to finding pants. Denim is always too long, but at least with denim, I can chop the hem. I struggle with most trousers in general- I have a small waist, but I have wide hips, and a butt, and short legs...being mixed can be frustrating. I am both petite, like my Chinese side, and curvy, like my European side, and most trousers refuse to work for both sides. 


But Japan has opened my world- here, my height is normal! For the first time, I can continuously try on different trousers, and know that they are going to fit my legs. Many Japanese trousers are elasticated too, so I can stretch them over my butt, and then they fit my waist perfectly. Truly, it's a beautiful thing. 



And because wide leg trousers are so trendy in Japan (and everywhere else) right now, they are everywhere, and they are cheap!!! If (in the unlikely circumstance), I find a pair of trousers in the US that fit me well, they always cost an arm and a leg. I don't mean to brag and go on and on, considering most of my audience is in the US or Europe... but I mean, c'mon. I am just so excited. I will be stocking up on trousers while I am here, because I may never find pants that fit me so well again!


If any of my slim, petite gals find themselves in East Asia at some point, go pick yourself up some wide leg trousers. They are so great! I trademarked them "chick sweatpants" a year ago, and I am sticking to it. 


I also want to comment that I was so hot in this look- it was about 73°F (roughly 23°C) and sunny, but the Japanese people insist on wearing jackets and sweaters still... and naturally, I don't want to stand out in this homogenous country any more than I already do, so I suffered along side in a turtleneck. I don't know how the Japanese people do it... maybe everyone is miserable but refuses to say anything? Can't we all get together and agree that 23°C is no longer knitwear and jacket weather? 


Otherwise, this is an incredibly comfortable look, and the pants are quite lightweight, so I'll definitely be wearing them through the spring! I also get a lot of questions about these shoes- they are from New Look, and I bought them on Asos about 3 years ago. If you are interested, I've listed a similar pair here.


I also wanted to list a couple similar pairs of pink trousers, since mine are not widely accessible.You can find similar ones here, here, and here.



I hope everyone is having a good week, and for my fellow students, a good spring break! I'm staying stylish and comfortable this week in one of my favorite new pairs of trousers. 


Much love. 

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