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February Favorites 18'

February 28, 2018


Hi loves,


I realized that I never did a post for my January favorites, so this will be an accumulative post for the last couple months. Truly, I am not someone who buys a lot of things, so my list of favorites tends to be shorter. 


1. Berets


I already did a blog post on Berets this month, but I wanted to emphasize again, how much I love them. I have been wearing my black beret a ton this month- partially because it looks chic, and partially because I'm lazy and haven't wanted to wash my hair. I have a plaid beret coming in the mail today from Asos, and i'm really excited to style this one too. It's definitely an inexpensive investment worth making. 



2. Artis Brushes 


Towards the end of January, I received a set of Artis brushes. These brushes have been incredibly hyped for the last year, so I had definitely been curious about them. When I tried them for the first time, I finally understood why people loved them so much. 


These brushes are so densely packed, and soft. They do not require any buffing, or hard-pressing. You simply glide them across the surface of your skin, and they blend themselves. These brushes take little product, and give it so much life. My foundation takes much less time than it used to, and it uses less product. They are definitely an investment purchase, but one worth making. 


My favorite brush that I received is the Oval 6, which I will link here. I can understand not wanting to drop your paycheck on the whole collection, but I definitely think it's worth having one or two of their larger face brushes in your collection. 






3. H&M Teddy Coat 


I am astounded by the lack of photos I have of this coat, because I wear it so much. For the last two months, 9/10 times, I have been bundled in my teddy coat. I found this on an H&M clearance rack for $23 back in January, and I haven't taken it off since. 


I don't have the exact coat to share a link for, but I would highly recommend searching "teddy bear coat" and finding yourself one of these magical coats. 




4. Wearing Color


I've also done a blog post on this within the last month, so I won't dwell on it, but I've noticed a huge color increase in my wardrobe over the course of the last couple months. I've always considered myself quite the "neutrals" gal, so this is really new and exciting for me. I've added quite a few colorful pieces in my wardrobe, a few of my favorites being a pair of pink silk heels from Zara, a green maxi dress from H&M, and a pink and red striped knit from Asos. 




5. Mejuri's Boyfriend Stacker Ring


Mejuri launched their 'Boyfriend Collection' in February, and the pieces were a perfect combination of classic minimalism and bold androgyny. If there are two adjectives I love in fashion, they are minimal, and androgynous. They sent me the 'boyfriend stacker ring', which I have been loving this month. It's an incredibly simple piece, but the thick band makes it so bold and cool. I think part of what makes me love it, is it so closely resembles my dad's wedding ring. The two look quite similar- it reminds me very much of him. 





6. Dua Lipa, by Dua Lipa


My final favorite of the month has been Dua Lipa's first album, Dua Lipa. It came out last year, but I hadn't listened to it completely until February. It's been on repeat for the last month. 


My favorite songs off the album are 'No Goodbyes' and 'Thinking 'Bout You'. They're definitely worth a listen. 



That is all for this month's favorites! I'm heading out to Tokyo next week to visit my parents. I'm leaving for spring break a few days early, which means that this week, I'm doing all of my school work for next week as well. Things have been excessively busy- thanks for bearing with me. I'm doing my best to keep up with everything! 


Much love. x



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