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My Obsession with Berets

February 17, 2018


Hi loves!


Okay, so "obsession" might be a strong word- I own one beret. I imagine that if I was obsessed with berets, I'd own one in every color. In that sense, I'm obsessed with turtlenecks, not berets. But regardless, I have been wearing my beret a lot. I guess maybe the French really do, do it better? In any case, if you don't own a beret yet, here are a couple reasons why you should.


No shower? No problem. When I don't have the time to wash my hair (or just don't feel like it), I can just throw on a beret. I know that this concept works for any sort of hat, but berets just look so good??? 


They don't look like a sad excuse for a bad hair day- they look chic, and intentional. 



They also look good with everything. I have yet to wear an outfit that didn't benefit from throwing on a beret. You need one.



You can also feel really cool and French?? I like to accompany my berets with a coffee, a cigarette... maybe an additional lover- it just feels right, you know? 



You should go and buy a beret- they fix bad hair days, improve your outfits, and give you an excuse to find a French lover. What else do you need?


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