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Everything About My Vintage Levi 501's

February 15, 2018


Hi loves!


I think that my single most questioned item of clothing is my vintage Levi 501's- if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know which ones I'm talking about. I wear them all the time. Besides regularly being asked what jeans I'm wearing, I also get a lot of questions about the fit, and vintage sizing, and what size I own, and where you can buy a pair... 

I figured it was time I dedicated a full post on my beloved vintage Levi 501's.


What size do you wear?


My Levi's are a W30 L32, and they fit really well, with just a little extra room. In modern sizing, I am a size 27. 


When I first wanted a pair of vintage Levi's, I started with a bit of online research. I will share the simplest and most easily understandable guide to vintage denim that I have found, and link it here. As the article states, vintage denim runs small, so you will likely need to go up two or three sizes. 


Where did you buy them?


I found mine on Depop, which is an online market where people can resell their old pieces.


I have found vintage Levi's at consignment stores (even Goodwill), vintage shops, and online, primarily on sites like Depop, Ebay, and Poshmark. Obviously, vintage denim cannot be purchased at a standard retailer anymore, which is why doing a bit of research on vintage sizing is so important. 


Are they comfortable?


Put simply, yes. 


I absolutely love how mine fit me- they are just a little bit loose, but they fit the bum well, which I consider important. I have fallen asleep in these jeans before (which is not a normal thing.)


Did you cut the hem yourself?


Also, yes.


I am only 5'3"- I rarely find denim that fits me without being cuffed or frayed. I hacked the hems off these jeans as soon as they came in the mail, and I have no regrets. 


What is the fit like?


They fit quite high waisted, hitting right below my belly button! 


Do I need a pair of these?


Yes, yes you do. 





I figured I would share my most recent outfit styling these jeans, but if you go through my Instagram (@blackdenimchic), you can find an endless list of looks where I am styling my Levi's. They are my absolute most versatile piece, and between coffee dates, grocery shopping, and exam weeks, these jeans have been everywhere, and in every situation. 


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