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SS18': A Season of Color

February 3, 2018


Hi loves!


First, I just wanted to thank you for the incredible outpour of support I received on my last "Let's Get Coffee." It was a difficult, but cathartic article to write, and I think it's helped me release some of my negative energy. I feel really good. 


Today, I wanted to talk about a trend that I have been seeing everywhere recently, and also share some photos that have inspired me, and can hopefully inspire you too. 


I used to consider myself a very minimal blogger- I think I need to separate myself from that title at this point, because my style has changed so much. When I think of minimal style, I think of neutral colors, simple silhouettes, and clean lines...I don't think I dress like this anymore. Maybe color has always been in fashion (and I'm just starting to notice), but suddenly I am seeing it everywhere. In the past, I have seen people style blue denim, maybe a pop of red... and it was usually a speck of color in an otherwise neutral outfit. I still see this, but I've also started seeing people style full outfits in bright, unique colors, and it looks good. 


I'm going to be sharing some photos down below that I've grabbed off of Instagram- I will give photo credit below each shot.










The photos above are some examples on how I've feel color incorporated into an otherwise neutral look, and I think these looks still manage to maintain that minimal vibe. 


 @alwaysjudging and @wethepeoplestyle 


 Captured on @felix.magazine

No information on model

















Above, I have shared a few ways that you can go full in with color too. I think it looks gorgeous- I never thought I would become interested in this type of fashion. I have been slowly (but surely) adding color into my closet this year, so here are a few examples of how I have been styling color, while still maintaining some sense of minimalism (sometimes, haha.)



I'm so excited to incorporate even more color into this SS18' season- I cannot wait for some warmer days! 




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