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Staying Cozy- It's Been Cold

January 13, 2018


Hi loves,


I recently shot one of my favorite looks that I've styled in a while, so I wanted to write a quick blog post revolving around it.


Minnesota has been so cold lately. We had a couple warm days of 35°F weather (2°C), but otherwise, it's been around a constant 0°F every day (-17°C). Shooting in the Midwest is a bit of a nightmare during the winter- it's too miserable to shoot, but you can't just take a four month hiatus (and I certainly would never want to). 


I've been primarily staying warm in my Levi's, and a series of thick, cozy knits. I bought this bag from a Zara back in Florence over the summer, so I associate it with my trip to Europe. I thought I'd bring it into the winter, and it might bring some of that Florentine weather into our miserable climate (hasn't worked yet, but I'll keep you updated). 



These boots are an old love / hate favorite. They're from Steve Madden, and they are called the 'Edit' boots. I consider them a love / hate piece, because the structure of the boot photographs beautifully in street fashion photography, but the four inch heel is uncomfortable as hell. From the car to the restaurant, they are fine, but if you're doing a proper amount of walking, these shoes will destroy you. 



I've recently been thinking about the future of this blog- I haven't entirely figured out the direction that it's going in. The primary interest of my audience on here is by far, my 'Let's Get Coffee' series. I understand that my readers love the personal side of my blog, but do you care about the fashion content? Do you like this style of blog post, where I share photos, and simultaneously ramble about things that are unrelated to fashion? 


I'm just trying to gauge my audience and create content that you care about. I like making the fashion content, but truthfully, almost anything I share on here, you can also get through my Instagram. I would love it if you could comment down below, or DM me privately, some content that you'd be interested in reading about. 



I'm heading back to class next Tuesday- things are going to get hectic again. I don't think I've ever mentioned this, but I'm an English major, and a Mass Communications minor, and this semester is going to be jam-packed with 17 credits of English and Journalism classes. It's going to be so much reading and writing. If you haven't figured it out from my blog, writing is my bread and butter, but it's definitely going to be a lot. Juggling school, work, and this blog has always been one of the great struggles of my college years, but I love doing it. I hope you'll bear with me as I get re-adjusted to the new semester, and figure out how to fit in shooting, editing, and writing blog posts, along with every other deadline running my life. College bloggers- lord help us all. 



If there are any fellow student bloggers out there looking for some advice on how to juggle a blog / Instagram and full time school, I can definitely make a guide on how I balance the two. My last few "My Top Tips on ____" were wildly popular, so I'm happy to write another one on student blogging as well! Just let me know what you want!


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and for my fellow students going back to class next week, my heart goes out to you. Good luck on your semester! 


Thank you always for reading. 


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