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Love and Goodbyes, 2017

December 26, 2017


2017 is wrapping up to a close, can you believe it? 


This holiday season, I had the pleasure of working with Topshop for their seasonal campaign to bring you this glam New Years look. I wanted to shoot a look that would make me feel powerful and beautiful, similar to how this year has left me feeling. 


2017 was such a hard year for me. It was a year of major highs and lowest lows. Between the breakup, the eating disorder, and the general confusion of being a messed up twenty-something... I could really feel myself being challenged this year.


At the same time, this challenge has been good. I have spent a lot of time focusing on myself, and what I want. I have discovered what an amazing release blogging can be, and have found safety in my favorite series "Let's Get Coffee": I am so excited to keep having these conversations.


When something challenges you, you either break down or adapt. This year has been a forced self-reflection, a long inquisition of what I want, where I want to go, who I want to surround myself with. It's been a series of mistakes, and heart breaking nights. But with this year coming to a close, I can feel myself getting excited for the next one. I know so much that I didn't a year ago, and I am so excited to focus on myself.  


This Topshop look makes me feel fierce and beautiful, and I love the contrast between timeless and "loud ass bitch." It's everything I want to be. The strong sleeves on this dress make me feel like I'm wearing a sexy, sparkling power suit. The shoes are loud but comfortable, and the little bag is chic, and it's likely going to save me from losing my phone, when I inevitably have a few too many glasses. 


You can find the dress here, the shoes here, and the bag here


I love you more than you could know. This blog has been the creative outlet that I never knew how badly I needed- thank you for allowing me to have a voice, and giving me a space to be artistic and creative. I cannot wait for another year of editorial photography, minimal fashion, and important conversations. I cannot wait for more of this, always more of this. 


Happy New Year.


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