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The Camel Coat

December 12, 2017


Hi loves!


Eventually, I plan on doing a blog post about an array of my favorite coats, but today I wanted to focus on the classic, camel coat. 


A year ago, this never would have been in my wardrobe. I never used to like warm tones; I remember learning an old taboo, that you should never mix brown and black together. It's funny how the older you get, the more you realize that "fashion rules" are absolute bullshit. 


This fun little look is made up by a striped Forever 21 top, a white, mini A-line skirt (old Urban Outfitters), some platform boots from H&M, a little black bag from Closet Access, and this classic camel coat from Forever 21


I wanted to highlight this look, because the coat from Forever 21 is still available, and it's only $52.90, which I think is a great deal for a classic coat. It also came with a removable fur trim, but I decided to go without it. 


I'm oddly proud of this look, because I managed to coordinate the colors of the stripes on my top to every other piece I styled. Overall, I feel very put together!


I also want to remind (or inform) my readers that I live in the Midwest! I live in one of the coldest states of the US, so when you see me styling outfits like this one (especially in December), I am likely not actually wearing the outfit. I styled this look with a skirt because I liked the fit, and I also understand that plenty of my followers still can wear bare-leg looks. For all my cold weather gals, we can add tights, or switch the skirt out for some good denim. Or scratch the whole look and put on a snowsuit. Or scratch the snowsuit and hide in bed all winter with a plate of nachos. These are all viable options. 



You can fully expect to see me styling this camel coat, all winter. 


This is my finals week, so I am a little short on content. While my blog and my school work hold equal importance in my mind, this is a week where I really need to focus on University- I will be done in a couple of days, and I cannot wait to have a few weeks of winter break, where I can focus solely on creating content here.


Much love. 

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