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My New Obsession with Flash Photography

December 4, 2017


Hi loves,


Today we are talking about something that I genuinely never thought I would be into: flash photography. Ask anyone I've shot with in the past: I have always been about bright, natural light and daytime photography. Maybe it's a creative change, or maybe it's a blogger survival tactic (with daylight savings and these ridiculously dark, dreary November days), but I've been becoming fast friends with flash photography. 


A few weeks ago, I was at a coffee shop, and a boy snapped a silly picture of my best friend and I. The shop was a little dark, and the flash was unplanned, but I am in love with this photo: it's a very real, candid representation of our friendship. This picture has inspired my entire obsession with flash photography.


I'm not sure if this topic is worth a blog post, but exploring flash has opened up my creativity to night time shooting, dark afternoons, and indoor photography. My old style was starting to feel really restricting, because I was so reliant on good weather and bright days to get a good shot. Flash photography has added a lot of versatility to my editorial work. 


The other beautiful thing about flash photography is its inauthenticity. What I used to love about natural light (and don't get me wrong, I still like it), is that it looks like a real representation of what's in front of you. The photo is capturing what the eye sees. Flash almost appears to manipulate the photo; it shows the image in a new light. I think that flash makes colors look richer, shadows appear deeper, and everything look more romantic. Maybe that's just me, but I'm obsessed.


This shot, for instance, really emphasizes the drastic difference between light and dark. And it makes the light inside the glass look like it's dancing.



Here are a few photos from recent photo shoots, because I am in love. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and have found yourself shaking your fists at the sky a lot lately, maybe take this blog post as your cue to adapt. The weather is about to be shitty for the next 5 months here; I'm finding something creative in it. 

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