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My Holiday Gift Guide 2017 (For the Fashion Minimalist)

November 24, 2017


Let's be real: holiday gift guides are just glorified lists of things that we like, or would like to own. My holiday gift guide would be ideal for the woman who loves minimalist fashion, (or just the crazy Instagram girl). Everything on this list, I own and love myself (or own and love some variation of), or would love to receive from someone.


Disclaimer: I will put a ** in front of any items on this list that were sent to me, but I am not being compensated for any of my reviews. 


1. A Nice Watch:


If you follow my blog or Instagram to any extent, this should not surprise you. I believe that a nice watch is an absolute staple in a woman (or a man's) wardrobe. I personally love minimal watches with leather straps and large faces. In this post, I am going to be highlighting a company called Berg + Betts**. Berg + Betts is a sustainable Canadian company that focuses on making minimal, ethical time pieces. The primary reason I am featuring this company for my holiday gift guide is because I picked out a watch with a red leather strap, which I think is perfect for the season.


Other great Companies include Cluse, The 5TH, and Daniel Wellington.


You can find my watch here.



2. Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner:


About a year ago, I got an ad on my Facebook for a company called Function of Beauty. I was intrigued by the idea of personalized haircare, so I decided to try it out: I fell in love. To get started, you go on the website, and you take a personalized quiz, answering questions about your hair, from your texture, thickness, hair goals, major problems... you even get to choose the color and scent of your shampoo and conditioner. There is also an option to get just one without the other, but the best value overall is to buy the 16oz of both. When I received this product, I had been struggling with overly bleached hair, and I was desperate for a solution, and Function of Beauty delivered. 


The major reason that I think this would be a great gift is because it is expensive. The most expensive package is $46, and I think that's pretty costly for shampoo and conditioner, but I can't imagine someone (especially a woman who loves her hair) not being excited to receive something as luxe as personalized haircare. There is a gifting option on the website, where you can send them a gift card, or an actual set (if you know their hair well enough), so it's a very gift friendly idea. It also makes for a gorgeous Instagram photo! 


I did a review way back on my old blog, so I'll link it here if you wanted to read it.


Most of the photos I am sharing were taken off of Function of Beauty's Instagram, and I will give credit to the original creators. (Don't judge, me a year ago had no idea how to take pictures or edit, so all of my personal photos are trash, ha!)


 Photo credit: me 

 Photo credit: @emilyroseklein

 Photo credit: @briananlee

 Photo credit: @glowfiles


3. Ray Ban Sunglasses (The Round or the Clubmaster):


When I think about a really classic, staple pair of sunglasses, I always think about Ray Bans. Between the hype of Instagram bloggers and celebrities, I think that my most staple sunglasses are the Ray Ban Round Sunglasses, and the Ray Ban Clubmaster's. A lot of sunglasses go in and out of trend, but Ray Ban's have been a staple in fashion since their invention of the aviator- they are not going anywhere.





4. Personalized Jewelry:


Personalized jewelry makes for a beautiful gift, and my favorite jewelry company (as many of you probably know) is Mejuri**. Two of my favorite pieces by them are the engravable necklace (with my initial on it) and the Zodiac necklace (I'm a gemini!)


These are the two pieces I own and love, but Mejuri has a number of other personalized pieces, and you can see the collection here.


Personalized jewelry is an absolutely lovely gift for a girlfriend, a spouse, or even a mother or daughter. Mejuri also makes very high quality jewelry, so even for someone like me who has very sensitive skin (and is allergic to most metals), I can wear their pieces all the time. 


For Black Friday, Mejuri is currently offering their only sale of the year! You can save 10% off of one item, 15% off of two, and 20% off of three or more. **I AM NOT BEING PAID TO TELL YOU THAT.**



5. A Subscription to a Luxe Magazine:


This is definitely specific to the artsy person who loves beautiful magazines, for the sake of Instagram photography or as artistic coffee table books. When I mean luxe magazine, I don't mean a subscription to Elle or Vogue- those are relatively inexpensive, and highly accessible magazines. A luxe magazine would be like Kinfolk or The Gentlewoman- something more expensive, and specialized. 


I would personally love to receive a 1 year subscription to Kinfolk magazine



6. Glossier:


If the girl in your life is an Instagram addict, there's no way she has escaped the hype of Glossier products. They are minimal, beautiful, and unbelievably popular right now. The only products I've personally tried are from the Phase 2 Kit (which I personally love), but I would love to explore their skincare, and try their cloud paints too. I've also tried a sample of their new perfume, and it smells amazing. That could make a lovely gift as well.


Glossier is currently offering 20% off and free shipping for Black Friday! **ALSO NOT BEING PAID TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION!**


(Stretch concealer in medium, Boy Brow in brown, Generation G in Leo)


This concludes my current holiday gift guide- as we get closer to the Holidays, I plan on making a second edition, specifically geared towards inexpensive and last minute gifts. This was definitely aimed towards gifts for a girlfriend, wife, or daughter, but I plan on writing about the kinds of gifts you give your co-worker, mother in law, or that guy you've been seeing for 3 weeks. Let me know what you would like to see, and Happy Black Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones, and happy shopping!


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