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Let's Get Coffee: Why We Need Girl Love

November 20, 2017


Can this be the year that we end girl on girl crime? I am so fucking sick of movies and TV shows pinning girls against each other as these catty bitches, who only hate each other because they want the same man. It's even more disappointing when you see it in real life. I'm thinking, seriously? I know there's something internal and primal about securing a mate, but humans don't exist only to procreate anymore. There's enough dick in the sea, let's stop girl on girl hate. 


No one in this world is ever going to understand your experience as a woman better than another woman. Every insecurity, difficulty, physical complication, societal expectation...we get it. I don't care if that guy you're sleeping with makes your head spin, you two can't bond about the weird shit you've done on your period, or have a mutually understanding conversation about what it feels like to be catcalled and looked at like a piece of meat. We need each other.


I have a best friend, and her name is Sam. I would not trade this girl for anyone. Girls need girls who are not intimidated by each other's beauty and success. Be that girl. You know those drunk girls at the party that go around complimenting other girls? Let's aspire to be those girls all the time. 


Let's stop encouraging compliments like "you're not like other girls", because other girls are fucking great. Let's stop being flattered when guys say "you're prettier than her" or "you're the

hottest girl I've ever been with." Let's kill the art of complimenting girls, based on the degradation of other girls. 


The media loves pitting women against each other. *Insert ambiguous heading* about "Woman A caught photographed with Man. Woman B isn't going to like this: is there trouble in paradise?" to magazine columns dedicated to "Who wore it better?" Everything we do is taken in context as direct competition to each other, and we have been trained to see other women as threats. I want to stop seeing other girls as competition, and start looking at them as allies. I want to raise a generation of girls who are secure enough in themselves, that they can see another girl's beauty, and not perceive it as an absence of their own. And when I mean beauty, I mean talent, I mean intelligence, I mean drive.


I cherish the connections I've made with other girls throughout this life. Even the ones I rarely see, or only spoke to twice. The female experience is a unique one, and there are certain aspects of it that every girl you ever meet will understand. Girls are family, let's love each other. 

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