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My Essentials for AW17'

November 10, 2017


 Hi loves!


Today, we are going to talk about my top essential pieces for this autumn/winter season. To clarify, these are my top essentials, not basics, so not all of these items are really minimal, some of them are trends. But a  lot of trends come and go, and these are the pieces that I expect to be interchanging all season. I also want to apologize in advance if there is any (or lots) of overlap in these photos: they are my essentials, so I tend to wear and photograph them together!


1. Skinny Turtlenecks/ Mocknecks 


Firstly, my die hard favorite: turtlenecks. I hope you didn't expect to read an article about my go-to pieces without mentioning turtlenecks. I want to be buried in a turtleneck: I love turtlenecks. This season, I'm also including mocknecks, because I've come to love those as well. The most important thing is that they are skinny. Skinny fitting turtlenecks and mocknecks look amazing on their own, and they layer beautifully under knits and coats as well. They are the perfect layering piece. One of my major go-to looks is a black turtleneck, my vintage Levi 501s, and some red lipstick. It's very Parisian, very chic, and very low maintenance. 


Because they are such basics, I didn't feel the need to tag where each piece came from, but as a general rule, I get most of my turtlenecks from Zara and H&M. 



2. Vintage Levi 501s (the mom jean)


I'm sure some of you are so sick of me talking about these jeans, but they are the best, and that's why I won't shut up about them. If you don't own / can't find a pair of vintage Levi 501s, the general essential is mom jeans. The vintage Levi has such a loose and casual fit (but still magically looks great on the butt!!!!!), and it makes me feel really chic, while remaining comfortable. They look good dressed casually with a tee shirt and some sneakers, and they look bomb with a turtleneck and heeled boots. There is no way to fuck up vintage Levi 501s, I am convinced.



3. Warm Brown Boots 


I know I just bought these boots, but I do not care. I can already tell I am going to be styling these all winter, so if you hate them, sorry in advance. I never used to wear brown, and now I am obsessed with it. With the increase in warm tones in my wardrobe, I can already tell I am going to be pairing these boots with a lot. I don't often find shoes in this beautiful, golden brown shade, so these stood out to me immediately. I cannot wait to wear these into the ground.


These boots are from Zara: you can buy them here



 4. A Checkered Coat


This coat was definitely an essential for me last year as well, and I can tell I'm going to be wearing it just as much this season. This plaid print has been absolutely everywhere, but nothing rocks it quite as timelessly as the coat. I find that it absolutely transforms a simple outfit.



4. A Minimal Watch


I have long been a fan of minimal watches, and I have many favorites. The one I am going to be talking about in this post is a marble faced watch from Cluse. This particular watch was sent to me, but I've also purchased a watch (with my own money) from them in the past. A large-faced, minimal watch is my favorite accessory, during any season actually. But this marble faced one is my current favorite. 


You can buy this watch here.



5. An Honorable Mention: Berets + Newsboy Caps


Finally, being included as an honorable mention, are hats. I never used to like hats, but this season I have been gravitating towards them more than usual. I can't yet tell if berets and newsboy caps are going to become a regular in my current wardrobe, but they might. I think I've always had a preconceived notion that hats looked horrible on me, because baseball caps used to be popular, and I can't begin to tell you how bad those looked on me.


But this season, I've been experimenting with some new styles, and I like how they look. The beret comes with a certain amount of head and neck immobility, but if I can get that figured out, they could definitely become a staple piece. 



These are currently the staples in my AW17' wardrobe, but I'll keep you updated if anything else joins the crew!


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