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October Favorites 17'

November 2, 2017


Hi loves!


I cannot believe we're already entering November, but I guess I feel this way every month. This month's favorites are a pretty interesting hodge-podge of things, with a few beauty items included as well. 


Phase 2 Set- Glossier:


This month I decided to order the Glossier Phase 2 Set, which includes the (now) infamous Boy Brow, a Generation G lipstick, and a shade of their Stretch Concealer. I decided to order this kit because I've actually already tried Boy Brow and Generation G, and I've loved both. Boy Brow works really well to keep the brows tame, and the Generation G lipstick in Leo is actually one of my favorite lipsticks of all time- it's a matte, natural brown shade that suits my skin tone really well. I wanted to repurchase both, and I realized that buying the kit would actually save me some money, and I could try another product as well. I really like the Stretch Concealer. I don't think it does a miraculous job on dark spots and acne (it's definitely not a foundation replacement), but it works well under the eyes, and I also use it to sculpt my brows. I keep a small bag of cosmetics in my purse at all times, and this concealer has joined the gang. 


 Stretch concealer in medium, Boy Brow in brown, Generation G in Leo

Generation G in Leo on the lips (I applied pretty heavily, but this is a sheer product, and you can make it look much more natural as well.)


The Serum Foundation- The Ordinary:


Speaking of foundations, this month I decided to try out a couple products from The Ordinary, which you can find here. The Ordinary has been everywhere on social media as a result of the complexity of it's products, and the incredibly affordable price tag. Traditionally, skincare tends to be very expensive, especially as you dive into serums and oils, but The Ordinary has astounded everyone with a line of minimal, affordable skincare products. The only other product I am currently trying from them is a lactic acid serum, but I plan on trying more products, so I'm going to wait to talk about the skincare until I have a better review. 


That was a really long ramble to essentially say this: the serum foundation is amazing. The Ordinary does a Coverage Foundation, and a Serum Foundation, and I tried the Serum Foundation. I was astounded by the combination of natural looking coverage. The consistency is a bit liquid-ey, but it blends into the skin flawlessly. Since my recent breakup, my skin has been total shit, and this foundation has been so good to me. It's also an incredibly affordable $6.70, so I plan on repurchasing once I'm out.


For color reference, I wear the shade 2.0 YG. For a general explanation of what the numbers / letters mean, check out The Ordinary's website here.



Blue Velvet bag- Target's WhoWhatWear collection:


This bag has been on repeat all month. I worried that the splash of color would be hard to style, but it's actually been a very easy bag to incorporate into my looks. The deep, rich velvet goes really well with classic denim and the color black, which is roughly half my wardrobe. It also goes well with muted cream and taupe tones, which generally make up the other half of my wardrobe. This bag has been a really lovely addition to my wardrobe, as it adds a bit of statement, without being too bold. Last year, blue velvet boots were very big, and I never purchased a pair. This year, I think this is me making up. 



Plaid Trousers- Target's WhoWhatWear collection:


In my opinion, Target's WhoWhatWear collection has been killing it lately, and this is apparent by the fact that I have two favorites from the collection this month. These plaid trousers have been on repeat for me all month. I already did a full blog post on these pants, so I won't go into detail, but they are definitely a favorite. You can find the blog post here, if you want to know more about these trousers. 



My new "Let's Get Coffee" series: 


And finally, the amount of love and support I've received this month for this series has been inspiring. This has been the hardest, and most rewarding series that I've had the pleasure of dedicating my time to, and I am so glad I started it. I've had so many intimate conversations with those of you who also have a perspective, and I'm incredibly grateful for those who have kept up. 


A general update on my eating disorder: I finally went to see a professional, and I am starting out-patient treatment next month. Thank you to all the beautiful girls who reached out to me about your struggles, and encouraged me to seek help for mine. I am so excited to keep having these conversations.


That wraps up this month's favorites! I'll see you back soon! 

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