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Mejuri: Jewelry for the Minimalist

October 23, 2017

 Hi loves!


For today's blog post, I'm going to be writing about my favorite jewelry company, Mejuri. If you're familiar with my Instagram, you may notice that about 90% of my jewelry is from Mejuri.


For transparency, I have been working with Mejuri for half a year now, and all of the pieces I own from Mejuri are sent to me; I am not getting paid to write this post, nor does the company know that I'm writing this post. This blog post is not a part of our collaboration agreement, this is simply a company that I genuinely love and want to blog about. 


Mejuri is my favorite jewelry company because their pieces are so minimal, that they go with everything I wear. They make and sell luxury jewelry, so all of the pieces are made with precious metals (which is important if your skin is allergic to cheap metals, like mine.) For instance, my favorite piece by Mejuri is their engravable necklace. This is an incredibly beautiful and personal piece, and I never take it off. You can buy yours here.


Besides this necklace, my other favorite piece is the pearl threaders, which are these gorgeous single pearl earrings that string through your ears. I adore the modern twist on something as classic as a pearl. You can find them here.


I am not going to write about each individual piece that I own, but the collective review is that Mejuri makes really gorgeous and simple jewelry. If you are someone like me, who likes pieces that are minimal but modern, this is a company for you. Mejuri makes what I would call "no-brainer" jewelry. The pieces are easy to style, and they go with everything. I never have to worry about my jewelry matching my outfit, because it always does.


Here are the rest of my pieces:




 You can find the evil eye ring here.

You can find the mini signet ring (pinky ring) here.


 You can find the sapphire hoops here.


Mejuri has a gorgeous selection of minimal jewelry, and you should definitely check out their other pieces, in addition to the ones I've listed. Here is their website! 


I know this isn't a particularly long post- it's mostly just an excuse for me to talk about my favorite jewelry. When it comes to minimal and modern, Mejuri gets it. 


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