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Rocking a Faux Fur Bag

October 16, 2017


Hi loves!


Today we are going to be talking about a faux fur bag that I picked up recently. This post is going to be short and sweet, but after the amount of buzz I got for this bag, I felt like I had to make a post dedicated to it. 


Firstly, how does one style a bag this loud? If your style is as neutral and minimal as mine, you might find it surprisingly easy. Because I essentially live in vintage denim and neutral turtlenecks, this bag actually compliments my simple style well. In contrast to some people who look at their outfits and think, "I have too much going on...", I often have the opposite problem. I regularly get dressed in the morning and think that I have too little going on. My style is a never ending mix-match of neutral pieces with no prints, and this is my go-to standard. Because of that, this bag is a really refreshing addition to my wardrobe. While the bag is colorful, the colors are actually very wearable. Instead of bright, complimentary colors or obnoxious neons, it's made up of muted hues of tan, burgundy, navy blue, and other fall appropriate tones. As someone who loves gold hardware, the angular gold clasps are also a beautiful, editorial touch. I think the structure of the bag and the gold handles make it look much more expensive than it is. The bag also includes a long strap, which I appreciate- as much as I love top handles, if the bag doesn't have a strap, I find that to be a major drawback.


And bonus! I was recently riding the train, and discovered that it makes a great pillow! So now I have a new standard: if I can't use the bag as a pillow, I don't need it. (Clearly I'm very serious.)


If you are interested in buying the bag, it is from Mango, and I will link it here.

This patch-work print also comes in a smaller clutch (no strap), and you can find it here.





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