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5 Tips for Maintaining a Consistent Instagram Feed

October 11, 2017


Hi loves!


One of the things I get asked about most on Instagram is how I maintain a consistent feed. This meaning, how do I keep my whole feed looking uniform? So today I am sharing my top 5 tips for maintaining a uniform feed.



1. Decide if your feed is going to be "heavy" or "empty".


What I mean by this is, are your photos going to be filled with content, or are they going to have a lot of empty space? If you maintain a very minimal, white-space feed, but then post a very space-heavy photo, the whole feed will look off. 


 Example of a "heavy" feed.

Above is my current feed. I consider my feed to be relatively space-heavy, because there's very little blank space. Most of the photo space is filled up by content.



Example of an "empty" feed.

This was my old feed. The photos have a lot of empty space (commonly used by minimal fashion bloggers.)



2. Don't put identical colors next to each other.


This is a weird tip, but I promise it makes a difference in the overall look of your feed. 


If one of your photos has a really dark edge, don't post a photo next to it with a really dark corresponding edge. It's a small detail, but it makes a big difference in maintaining the balance of your feed, so part of it doesn't look to jumbled, or another part doesn't have too much blank space.


 Here is what to avoid.



Here is what to do! Keep your edges contrasted the best you can; this will help you maintain a relatively even feed. 



3. Make your "blacks" black, and your "whites" white.


When you take a photo, the blacks in your photo are rarely truly black, and same with the whites. The whites often have a yellow-ish tint, or some off-color hue. Blacks often photograph with a blue tint. When all of your photos are varying shades of white or black, the whole feed will look off.


My recommendation for editing your blacks and whites is a free app called Snapseed. In this app, you can control particular sections of the photo without editing the whole photo. For someone who is new to photo-editing, Snapseed is very user friendly. 


Whenever you edit a photo, de-saturate all of your blacks and whites so that they are truly black and white. 


 In addition to de-saturating my blacks and whites, I also like to darken them, so my blacks look strong, and my whites look less blinding (or, "highlighted"). 



4. Edit all your photos the same way. 


When editing your photos, create a "gold standard". Whether that standard has a lot of contrast, uses little saturation, has an overall warm tone or blue tone (or no tone), decide what that guide is. And when editing your other photos, follow that standard. Then, decide on a filter that you like, and use it on all of your photos. Many of the color differences in two photos will disappear once they are using the same filter. The filter I use is called "J2" in VSCO- it is part of the minimalist pack. 


If you shoot with a photographer (or multiple photographers), do not ask for edited photos- every photographer edits differently, and your feed will become a display for other people's visions. Receive your photos RAW, and edit them yourself. This way, no matter who is shooting you, or what you are shooting, your photos maintain consistent. 





All of my photos are required to be put through VSCO filter J2. I also add a small amount of grain- this is my "gold standard."



Here are a couple other photos to show you how drastically a filter can transform a photo. Because I use J2 and this filter washes out the skin a little, I also use the earlier mentioned App Snapseed to increase saturation in my skin, and lower brightness a little, to combat the effects of the filter.









Notice how I de-saturated the building on the left of the photo.This is a white, marble building, but the lighting made it look yellow.



5. Make a Private Setup Instagram.


My private Instagram account is called @blackdenimsetups: it is literally my set-up account. Here, I can post photos and see how my entire feed looks together, without worrying about my followers seeing the photos before they are ready. 



Remember that these are my tips for maintaining a uniform, aesthetically pleasing feed, and you are not required to agree with me! I get a lot of compliments and questions about how I maintain my feed, so this is my response to the people who like my perspective.


I hope this has been helpful- if you have any questions, leave them down below or message me privately!


And if you want to check out my feed on Instagram, my username is @blackdenimchic! You can click on the Instagram icon on the top right corner of my website! 


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