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Let's Get Coffee: A New Series

October 9, 2017


If you know me, then you'll know that there is no more intimate way to enter my thoughts than to get a cup of coffee with me. I am a true, fucked up, 20 year old coffee junkie: a walking cliché, I know. I love to get coffee with people; this can mean long hours at a local shop, chatting in a quiet corner, this can mean coffee to-go while we walk in the same direction, and this can mean 2am coffee, sitting on my bed. 


I get a lot of messages from people on my Instagram. Through Insta Stories, I have made so many online connections, and I've had an incredible number of intimate conversations with strangers who I will only ever know through photos. Instagram isn't real; it's every "perfect", fabricated moment of a person's life, condensed into this hyper-real portfolio. And while I love Instagram for giving me a voice, and a platform to display my passion for editorial photography and minimal fashion, I get scared that people will start thinking that my feed is me: it's not.


How often do you hear someone say, "I'm not perfect, nobody is perfect"? Probably a lot. It's an overused phrase, and a clichéd song lyric, but a true one nevertheless. When I started doing rants and story times on my Insta Story, the feedback I received was unbelievable. The number of people who messaged me saying things like, "I cannot believe you just shared that with the Internet", or "your vulnerability inspires me to open up" was incredible; here I was thinking, "I'm just another fucked up 20 year old telling her story, how is that inspiring?" But I guess it is. Not a lot of people feel comfortable being vulnerable, and I want to change that. I have decided to make my Insta-rants into a blog series, because I want the chance to talk to everyone, not just the few hundred people who happen to see my Story in a 24 hour span. I've got a lot of shit to bare, so bare with me. I am a complex, emotional human with a lot of skeletons, and I want to share them with you. I want to start a conversation about mental illness, eating disorders, breakups, and why it's so fucking hard to love yourself. So let's get comfortable, and start talking about the things that make us human: let's get coffee. 

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