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September Favorites 17' : Fashion

October 3, 2017


Hello loves!


Happy October- today I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorites from this last month. If you follow my Instagram, you've likely seen all of these pieces time and time again, but I haven't had a chance to speak about them specifically. Because I photograph these items so heavily, you might notice some overlap of favorites in photos!


DISCLAIMER: Some of these items were sent to me! I am very particular about the companies I work with, and the items I specifically get sent to me. And I do not get paid to share my opinion with you!


My first favorite is a watch from the 5TH. This company is a minimal girl's dream for time pieces. Even in the age of technology, I still rely heavily on watches to tell the time. The one I am wearing is from the Tokyo collection, and it's the watch "AKI", meaning autumn in Japanese (perfect for the season!)

You can purchase AKI here.



My second favorite has been a classic pair of vintage Levi 501s. You know those fashion pieces that everyone and their mother owns? This is one of those, and for good reason. I used to think that American Apparel made a good dupe for vintage Levi's, but I was wrong. I was ignorant, and I didn't own a pair of vintage Levi's. As far as I have searched (and I own a lot of denim), there is nothing quite like vintage Levi's. I wear my 501's constantly, and I will wear them until they deteriorate on my body.



While we are looking at these photos, I'm also going to talk about the bag, which I haven't stopped wearing since I received it. 

The bag is from a brand called Closet Access. Closet Access is a company that makes high quality imitations of designer bags, and this one is obviously designed after the infamous Chloe Faye bag. Speaking as a broke college student, I absolutely love Chloe's designs, but absolutely cannot afford the extra $2000 to have the brand name embossed on a bag. What makes Closet Access better than, say Forever 21 or H&M, is that the bags are imitations, but they are still great quality. Closet Access bags are made with genuine leather and suede, so they are incredibly durable and beautiful.

I own the Kendall bag in camel: you can buy it here.



My final favorite is a pair of sandals from Forever 21. These have actually been a favorite of mine for the last couple months. My love of these was definitely inspired by a pair of Celine sandals (that I can't afford.) What I love about the F21 pair is the square toe box. Most of the strappy sandals that I see have a rounded toe box, but these shoes are quite square, which is why they remind me of the Celine's (photo directly below.)



I snagged my F21 pair up on clearance, but they are back to regular price on the Forever 21 website. (Still cheaper than Celine!) These fit true to size.


You can buy my shoes here.

You can buy my shoes in suede (on sale!!) here.


That's it for my favorites this month. I am so excited to be back and blogging again, thank you so much to everyone who reads this. Leave a comment down below and share your recent favorites!


Have a lovely week!


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